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I've called him a few times from work, and he answers via a simple button on the side of his watch.

It was wonderful to hear my little monkey's voice at a time of day I normally wouldn't, but I did feel intrusive.

I wouldn't know what an i Pad was for the life of me, while Dylan navigates his favourite apps on his with an adroit flick of the hand.

And alas, the closest my adventurous little boy will get to the freedom of playing outside with his mates is a play in the local park, a group of eagle-eyed parents keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.

The land at Bowers Gifford in Essex is understood to have been bought by the travellers, making it difficult to move them.

Now a new gadget by Moochies aims to help calm parents' nerves when their offspring take their first journeys on their own, by tracking children's every move and giving them the option to call their kids in case of emergency.

If you had told me pre-children that I would be supportive of devices allowing parents to track their child's movements I would have shot you down in flames, ranting about a child's basic human rights and how this infringement of their liberty would go on to stifle them as adults. She sees no reason as to why she should not be allowed to visit our local shop, a five-minute walk with no roads to cross, arguing she'd go straight there and back not talking to anyone along the way.

He was getting on with the important business of his day at pre-school.

The premise of the Moochies gadget is the same and I'm sure it will prove uber-practical for older kids, wanting a bit of independence but at three, Dylan is never out of my sight, so it seems at £79.99 like a bit of an extravagance. Present me with an unexpected scenario though (heaven forbid, he disappeared on me) and I'm sure I'd be relieved at the extra surveillance.

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