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The state had no formal relations with Northern Ireland for most of the twentieth century, but during the 1980s and 1990s the British and Irish governments worked with the Northern Ireland parties towards a resolution to "the Troubles".

Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the Irish government and Northern Ireland Executive have co-operated on a number of policy areas under the North-South Ministerial Council created by the Agreement.

This was halted by an unprecedented financial crisis that began in 2008, in conjunction with the concurrent global economic crash.

Ireland is again quickly ascending league tables comparing wealth and prosperity internationally.

Housed in a building dating from 2014, this apartment is 2.6 km from Istrian Museum of Contemporary Art and 2.7 km from Pula Cathedral.

The apartment includes a kitchen with a dishwasher and an oven, as well as a coffee machine. Arch of the Sergians is 2.8 km from the apartment, while Temple of Augustus is 2.8 km away.

The nearest airport is Pula Airport, 7 km from the property.

It had the status of dominion until 1937 when a new constitution was adopted, in which the state was named "Ireland" and effectively became a republic, with an elected non-executive president as head of state.

It was officially declared a republic in 1949, following the Republic of Ireland Act 1948.

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