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Last year, 17 position players had plate appearances as the DH for the Yankees.

How Boone arranges his outfield in his first season as the Yankees’ manager will mostly be a feel thing, which is why in January, when snow covers the Yankee Stadium outfield, he can’t tell you if Stanton will play 20 games in right field or 120.

Neither Brian Cashman nor Aaron Boone can give you a precise estimate of how many games Giancarlo Stanton will serve at designated hitter or how often Aaron Judge will be in left field. Brett Gardner can play all three outfield spots, and so can Aaron Hicks.

Check out Buster Olney's 2018 rankings:» Starting pitchers » » Relievers » » Catchers » » First basemen » » Second basemen » » Third basemen » » Shortstops » » Left fielders » » Center fielders » » Right fielders » » Best teams: Friday, Jan. 13What they do know is that their frontline outfielders -- for now, Jacoby Ellsbury is not in that group, as the fifth guy on the offseason depth chart -- are pliable and willing to do whatever they ask and can play multiple positions.

“How can you tell who you want to marry if you aren’t going out on dates? I ignored their advice on relationships, preferring to listen to the young people around me who were passionate advocates of courtship.

” my grandmother wondered every time the topic came up. They both obstinately held to the position that courtship was a foolish idea. As I grew older, I started to speak at homeschool conferences and events.

It could be that Stanton will love the DH role and perhaps prefer it.

There are a number of ways that you can run your favorite Windows applications on your Mac - and some won't cost you a penny.It’s possible that the Opening Day lineup could be Gardner, Hicks and Judge in the outfield, left to right, with Stanton in the role of DH.But if Gardner is dealing with a minor nagging injury, Judge could play left and Stanton could be in right.The fiercely competitive software giant is positioning its wares for cloud computing with software and services.The company's two cash cows - operating systems and the Office productivity suite - are performing well.

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