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"Now that the city is taking over these 7.5 acres I hope this is a partnership that maybe the city and County Commissioner (Rodney) Ellis, we could work on hopefully making a community center," Gallegos said.Eleuthera contains a surprising number of ruins even in light of its long history. Chat John Nassau, New Providence District, Bahamas Man. I am divorced christian white man without kids from Nassau, New Providence District, Bahamas.

We are currently actively researching this site to identify and date the earliest buildings.The sites span both the length of the island, and that of its history.The oldest site is perhaps the remains of the original colony near Preacher's Cave, although supposedly what little remains of this settlement has been buried by sand dunes.The oil giant already owns the blocks immediately surrounding its facility, and the move will let the company assume the intersecting streets onto its land as part of a plan to build an office building, warehouse, security building and to add parking farther away from the central plant.Such transactions are commonplace at the council table, and city officials have ramped up efforts to jettison useless easements and strips of city land in recent years amid repeated budget crunches.

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Chat Yellow Nassau, New Providence District, Bahamas Man.

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