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it has a lot of pockets and i really like the fact that it has a water bottle pocket as well. Please email us if this is not correct, as we would like to fix whatever went wrong - YY]Note this does not come with the soft kevlar inserts or SAPI plates. That aside the vest is comfortable and has two length adjustable straps on both sides in case it doesn’t fit you properly and because it utilizes the MOLLE webbing system it’s very modular.

I borrowed my friends mickey mouse boots when my regular work boots failed and I was sold!overall, this is a great product and is well worth the price. If you have an AR and want the perfect glove for your evolutions, THIS IS IT! So far, appear to be well made, rugged, and well suited to the task. Other attachments such as groin, deltoid protectors, side panels, neck protectors and many other attachments can be mounted to it for maximum protection from ballistic threats but is not designed to protect from stabbing and cutting.It was bought as a birthday gift for my husband who spent 8 yrs in the Army Infantry. He has been saying for years how much he loved his Woobie. My only complaint is the funky smell but that’ll disappear after a while. Brand of carrier was Specialt Defense Systems (not point blank, not a problem). I think the box it shipped in weighs twice as much as the poncho liner.After wearing them one day I purchased 2 more pair. They seem to wear pretty well I have not had any thing fail on them yet. i am able to fit everything i need in there, including work stuff and some basic survival gear, and then there is still some extra room. Ordered it three week before Halloween and received it three weeks after Halloween. This was ordered when we posted 'no shipping until October 26, and the tracking indicates that it was delivered on October 29.

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