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She reached out for one of my nipples, not really sure if she should do this, when I took her hand and put it on my left breast.Instantly we laid in each others arms, kissing thirstily, breathing heavily, and rubbing our bodies at each others.By thinking back I can only describe my then feelings like an atomic bomb exploding in my head, because I instantly knew that I wanted to be the woman tied to the cross.

For my today standards this magazine was crap, but at the age of 13 it attracted me as a moth being drawn to a burning candle.

Prologue Hi, my name is Andrea and I here want to present my journey into wonderland.

The story you have before you is actually my BDSM biography. And because I wanted to post it in an international BDSM story forum I have written it in English. In case you are really interested in this girls story I would advise you to download it, read it as a pdf-file, or print it. There are a lot of nice and (very)long scenes and fantasies in here. This is, as I have said above, somewhat a biography. S.: And when you have read it all, there are possibly two presents for you at the end of the story. How it all began At the age of 13, while being on holiday with my parents, it came to me that there was something special about me, although I did not really know what.

As I was not interested in boys anyway, this made sense so far. If you are a young lesbian today, there might be some disappointments with your parents, but you can expect tolerance after some discussion. I started with some shy bondage experiments with my mother's clothes line, trying to tie my hands in front of me, and, much more exciting, behind my back. On one occasion, having my hands tied on my back and having rubbed myself to orgasm against my bedpost I could not get out.

All in a sudden the sweet afterglow broke down and I frantically twisted my hands to loose the knot. My brain went into overdrive, imagining me, hands tied on the back, naked and obviously having masturbated against my bedpost to be found by my parents.

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