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First, the Internet offers easy and quick access to enormous amounts of information. Demy states, "Staggering amounts of information are available to anyone with a phone line and a personal computer." (4) Those doing research on the Internet can tap into important documents, photos, online encyclopedias, and other educational and reference materials.

These figures are identical with the overall use of these items by the general American adult population. According to Barna, "More than nine out of ten Senior Pastors use a computer at home or at the church." (12) These pastors tend to "use computers mainly for communications and study, with word processing clearly the dominant application." (13) According to Barna, "Born again and evangelical Christians are every bit as likely as non-Christians to use the digital superhighway." (14) His data shows that forty-eight percent of adult Christians have home Internet access.

Other common uses include maintaining existing relationships, buying products, and previewing new media.

(6) The results of a March 2001 study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project also revealed that as Americans gain experience on the Internet, "They use the Web more at work, write emails with more significant content, perform more online transactions, and pursue more activities online." (7) Christians and Computers How involved are Christians with computers?

(25) Of all the Net-based religious activities, the most attractive option for Christians was listening to religious teaching online.

(26) Since the impact of computers and the Internet is so vast, it is nearly impossible to address all the specific opportunities and concerns that these technologies bring.

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