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The BBC allowed a second mounting of the pilot to proceed.The first episode aired the day after the assassination of John F.The sub-plot in which David Tennant as The Doctor married Queen Elizabeth I was worthy of Black Adder with Joanna Page seemingly playing Miranda Richardson.Scenes of soldiers wearing ruffles shouting 'the Queen !The cast is rounded out by one or more "companions", often females.

He travels through space and time in a time machine he calls the TARDIS.His actions (featured in the 2007 series finale and portrayed in the two-part special The End Of Time in 2009) have been the only thing in all his lives/travels to haunt him; condemning him to an eternal life of solitude, remorse and the search for penance.'He was there - me, the one that I don't talk about,' Matt Smith's Doctor said of all the incarnations he has been through, looking at a mysterious 3D oil painting of Gallifrey in flames.'He killed them all.'It seemed a bit rich considering all the emotional mileage the programme has milked out of The Doctor's angst in the past and somewhat ironic given that re-writing history (stopping The Titanic, saving Pompeii, killing Hitler) is the one thing The Doctor is always telling his companions he can’t do.' and cramming in quirky references to 'spoilers', 'grunge' and cup-a-soup that were meant to be hilarious.Without The Doctor's angst over his destroying Gallifrey and the Time Lords, he is in danger of becoming just an eccentric, like the way Matt Smith portrays him, reading books about Quantum Mechanics and joking about cup-a-soup The scale of the flashback to The Last Day Of The Time War seemed all wrong and too showy – shot on a huge set, full of extras, and packed with lavish, blockbusting special effects, explosions, and slow motion shoot outs with daleks being blown to smithereens.

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