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Say you’re keen to start shooting out some industrial-era cavalry, but military science is an agonising 16 turns away from unlocking: you can cut that in half that by killing a unit with a knight.Everything from hunting Barbarians to setting up trade routes can contribute to boosting a tech, these 'Eureka' moments can also be found in other ways, like stealing boosts from other civs by using spies, or expending Great Scientists.There, the granary, mill, monument and an assortment of buildings that provide anything from food to culture can be constructed.They’re largely buildings that serve to get your city started.Some buildings you’ll erect in these districts also generate points toward great people.

The desert, for instance, provides little in the way of production or food, but you’ll need at least one desert tile if you want to build wonders like the Pyramids or Petra.Getting fat on science isn’t the only way to speed up research in Civilization VI, however.The vast majority of techs (and civics, more on those in a moment) can be unlocked in half the time by fulfilling a special condition, which you can see in the tech tree.It’s worth remembering that Builders have a specific number of uses before they disappear - initially just three, but this can be increased by new government policies. Bonus resources increase the yield of a tile, strategic resources are required for certain units, and luxury resources placate rabble-rousers, keeping your citizens nice and content.Specifically, wheat increases the amount of food on a tile, horses are required for cavalry units, and when people have access to silver, they are a bit more relaxed.

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